10,000 hours

Ten Thousand Hours

is a long time.
If you practice anything one hour per day, which is quite a dedicated approach, it will take you about 27 years to reach expert level for that activity.
In cycling, if you average 25 kmh, you will have to ride two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand kilometres (250,000 !) to achieve expertise on the bike.

If you ride 5000 km per year that is 50 years.

Clearly most cyclists are never going to reach the level of expert in their lifetime. Since I moved to Canberra in 1992 I have logged about 260 thousand kilometres of riding - which means even if I don’t count the riding I did as a kid, a teen, or an undergraduate I still have achieved the level of expert.
And yet I continue to learn things myself. Probably because I like to spread myself across road, track and mountain racing as well as road and mountain cycling for fun. To be a true expert in all these disciplines would require around 1.5 million kilometres of riding (250K for each one). So I still have some way to go.

My experience can be to your benefit. Many groups have had me teach them skills, from mechanical tasks (wheel building, basic maintenance & specific repairs) to road, track and mountain riding skills. Some racing cyclists have an excellent repertoire of skills, but they tend to have no experience in teaching. I have lots of teaching experience and love doing it.
I was prompted to reflect on becoming an expert by having several different people approach me this month to teach them some bike mechanics. Also I found in my aimless surfing a mob in Victoria who teach groups of cyclists mountain bike skills. Whether it is mechanics or mountain bikes (or track racing or hill climbing) the benefit of having an expert teach you is that you can get some of the skills that go with being an expert, but do so thousands of hours earlier than if you had to figure it out for yourself.

So there you have it. If you want to enjoy your riding, whatever kind of riding, more than you do now (and my hope is that you love it now) you can go some way to achieving this by obtaining instruction from an expert.

Possibly me.