Home gyms?

I had a full home gym, complete with Olympic bar and plates. I sold them, due to lack of space in the new house. I kept my kettlebells and a matt. That is enough for most of the things I want to do.
One adapts.

Enter the pandemic and closed gyms. Everyone who went to a gym was forced to stay away (by them being closed). Every online shop is sold out of home gym equipment. We've got some cool new stuff on order (my partner uses a gym and wanted a better than just kettlebells workout at home) but it looks like we might be permitted back in gyms before the shop restocks their empty warehouse.

I guess we'll see, but I predict there will be myriad unused/barely used gym equipment for sale by the end of the year. Everyone who jumped to buy online (and actually got something) will either go back to their usual gym and want to get rid of the new stuff, or find out they never used the new stuff at all.

Maybe things won’t change that much after all (all of my gym equipment came from a bankrupt gym auction, but buying second-hand weights and the like is a frequent happening as so many people go in with good intentions…).