Enduro training?

Enduro really falls in the middle between XC and DH in terms of demands on the body. Like DH it requires upper body strength and the ability to cope with lots of descending in one day. Like XC it requires a long saddle time, the ability to climb up hills (relatively slowly however) and some solid aerobic capacity.
Every Enduro event is a series of long, slower climbs interspersed with a similar number of short (while DH runs from 2-6 minutes, typically, the Enduro descent can be just about anything over 2 minutes), fast, descents. These descents have a lot of anaerobic demands in them - sprinting out of corners, power climbing the evil bits included by organisers and just keeping the bike at speed.

So how do you train for it? My coach's leanings are towards the XC side of things rather than towards the DH side. This is despite most good DH racers being very fit - their attributes are aimed at maximum ability for one run. The XC rider has to attack the descent every lap for several laps.
A general program outline includes gym power work for the legs and upper body, core work, aerobic base and loads of repeated power production drills. In other words - get used to interval training.