Beware of old gear

My commuting bike is about 15 years old. A lot of the parts I put on it when it was new were off another bike I owned previously - so a few years old (but most of it was brand new as I bought a whole bike). At one point, about 5 years into riding the bike, I realised the bars were getting on to about 10 years of use. No one wants their bars to break!
So I replaced them with a Deda 215 bar (anatomic bend, 215 grams, 26.0 mm clamp size - what was a top of the line bar when first released was a close-out special by the late noughties) and a 3T Zepp stem (Titanium bolts, 110 grams - again a top of the line stem when 3T was one of the top companies in the 90s, but a post-bankruptcy close-out special). Bars and stem together cost barely $100 (they would have been more like $500 when first released).
For the last couple of years the 3T stem - specifically the Titanium bar clamp bolts - has creaked. Lots of Ti prep quieted them for a little while. The solution was to back them off, one at a time, and retorque them with a torque wrench to redistribute the lubricant. Kept them quiet for a few weeks. Two weeks ago one of the bolts failed during the tightening process. Approximately 1/4 turn from tight the head blew off with amazing high energy (both the allen key and the bolt head flew metres across the garage).
I replaced the bolts with stainless. They were not quiet for long (I thought they’d be silent). This week, when I rode the stem creaked really badly. I was going to check it when I got home, but before I could do that the bottom bolt (two bolt clamp, not four like most stems) pulled all the threads out of the stem body and the bars were free to go where they pleased.

If that had happened in traffic, at speed, I could have fallen into the motor vehicle stream. If that had happened 20 minutes earlier when I was riding up and down gutters (it is a cyclocross bike!) I could have gone body surfing on the tarmac. Instead, it happened riding up the drive at about 10 kmh and I didn’t even crash.

I think it is beyond time to replace this bike. Yet another Fizik seat is cracked (the saddle shell is cut where the thighs push against it to make it flexible, and eventually the cut becomes a crack that runs right across the bottom to the other side. They tend to last about 30000 km. The shifting went awry this week too, and I cannot figure out why it is spot on one minute and out of whack the next minute. The shift cable is catching somewhere and I don’t know why!

While I think that Cannondale ‘cross frame might last forever, the carbon fork can’t be counted on to do so. Nor the carbon seat post. While the cranks might never fail, they too creak (I think it is the the steel axle pressed into the aluminium arm). It is still on the original headset - a testimony to the Campagnolo-designed (but cheap Taiwanese copy version on this bike) cupless system where the bearings rest in the head tube. Brakes, drivetrain - everything else has been replaced at least once.