My XC bike

This one started life as a Gary Fisher back when he had his own line of bikes within the Trek world. Then Trek rolled them into one (when everyone wanted a 29er, and Gary’s bikes were all niners and Trek’s were all 26”).
Mine was the first year of that - it says “by Gary Fisher” in small print.
This bike has had quite a few changes to original specifications.
I started with Bontrager wheels - now Syntace MX35s. I got them for a test article about wide versus narrow rims, and decided they were so nice I had to purchase them from Krischan at EightyOneSpices.
I have run a lot of Maxxis tyres on the bike over the years, but currently it is back on Bontrager rubber. The front (an XR4 - probably a bit too much tread for most XC races) came from a different bike in our garage. The rear (an XR1 - probably not quite enough tread for most XC races) came from a race prize.
It was originally a 2x drivetrain but the entire thing went in a box. I modified a brand new derailleur with the OneUp Components RadR cage, big 42T sprocket, a RaceFace 30T NW chainring and a new XT chain.
Brakes are original, but I installed newer IceTech rotors on the new wheels. I have had several different brands of brake pads through there - Shimano ones are probably the best. Currently it is some no-name Japanese made metallic compound pads from Chain Reaction Cycles.

The seat post is a Reverb with a Fizik Tundra saddle (blue and white matches perfectly, but from a blue & white Giant as the OEM blue & black saddle was a Bontrager model still sitting on the rigid seatpost).
Bars have changed several times. Currently they are Tune flat bars (with the same 12 degree bend as the original Bontrager) and Tune blue stem - total weight is about the same as the original bars at 220g. 75cm wide, zero rise, 85mm stem.
Grips are ESI Chunky in orange. If I don’t like them, then it is back to the Lizard Skin Northshore lock on grips that were on the older bars.
On the left side of the bike, out of sight, is a Stages power meter.
Pedals were Egg Beaters, but I wore them out. Now I have ugly yellow Candy pedals. The ones on there are broken, but I have another identical set to go on.
Finally, I had a Bontrager RXL carbon cage, but the tab at the bottom (that stops the bottle from dropping down) cracked. This one is a Lezyne carbon.

About 4 years ago I got a warranty stanchion unit for my forks - they had been assembled under-lubricated and were damaged. I have yet to install them, but the bushings have continued to erode the stanchions so I should do so soon. I hope it hasn’t hurt the bushings themselves! I probably should have done this 3 years ago.