Online MTB skills training

I know I mentioned Chris and his "groover" method before. He was putting heaps of videos on his YouTube channel, but now it seems he is loading structured classes behind his paywall. While lots of views on YouTube can produce some sort of revenue stream, it is likely having your own clear revenue-raising subscription system is the smarter way to go for all the effort he puts into making his videos.
Ryan Leech, extraordinary Canadian trials demo dude and long-time Norco rider, also has his own skills school behind a paywall. He takes a single activity, like a wheelie or a bunny hop, and breaks it down into a large number of short sessions. Accomplish roughly one new thing in each class and once you reach the end of the list you can now do that activity.
I tried his wheelie lessons. I got to #7 or #8 and couldn't get past that one. I can't pull a long wheelie because I never wanted to do that stuff as a kid and I'm finding it hard to learn as an adult. The lesson that stumped me was essential to progress, but despite my persistence I couldn't achieve it.
It's likely that were Ryan in the field with me (I practiced in the local grassy oval) he could adjust his instructions, or what I was working on, to help me progress to the next step. The static nature of video lessons means if you get stuck - you're STUCK! For an average rider, they are probably a great way to learn new stuff.

This issue of “getting it right”; and my desire to achieve high production values without pro equipment (or experience making videos); are what stopped me from doing this sort of thing myself.
The videos are better than a book, but less useful than an in-person instructor. But you probably knew that already.