Suspension "switches"

My first dual suspension bike had a lockout system on the bars that made the bike a virtual hardtail. I would often get half way down a descent, thinking it was quite rough, only to find I hadn’t turned off the climbing lockout.
My Slash has a TALAS fork (flick the lever and the fork drops from 160mm travel to 130mm travel which helps in a climb by lowering the front end, making the steering less ponderous and the position on the bike less extreme) and a compression switch for the shock. Yesterday I repeated my old habits. I rode Pork Barrel at Stromlo twice in succession. On the second descent I got to the bottom thinking I’d had a shockingly bad run down the hill. That was when I noticed the fork was still in its low travel position and the shock firmed up. No wonder it was bad.

Ordinarily I climb with the bike in the regular position because on a rugged trail the movement of the suspension makes the climb easier. But backside of Stromlo means the Casuarina Climb which is just a very steep firetrail and these are best tackled with a firm suspension.
It is a good idea to have a pre-descent check list. Helmet tight, glasses in place, Garmin timer running, fork and shock in descending mode - whatever your particular bike requires.

Friends don’t let friends descend locked out…