The drill involves riding up a short hill (about 80 seconds in my case) with a variety of plans (standing, sitting, flat out, nearly so, etc) and at the top you plunge into some singletrack for a descent. Part of the assessment is how fast you climb, and the other part is how fast and how well you descend afterwards. Sometimes you go into the red zone so badly on a climb that you can barely see at the summit, making descending harder than it needs to be.
This morning my third go was almost entirely standing. It was some 5 seconds faster than the prior attempts. I was stuffed by this one and reluctantly had one final go. I did it seated and spinning fast. My heart rate went even higher, and I had some difficulty on the descent bouncing off of rocks I should have avoided, but I was more than 1 second quicker going up and within the same second on the descent (despite hitting stuff).

I never would have guessed that the two modes of climbing could be so close together in time.