My DH bike

Santa Cruz V10 was always a bit of a monster of a bike. What with 10 inches of rear travel and made out of beefy alloy spars. I was never very interested in it.
Then they made the fourth generation one out of carbon fibre. And I loved it.
I’m told this one was so conservatively overbuilt that they were nearly impossible to damage. The fifth generation bikes weren’t visibly different, but had a third fewer layers of carbon in the headtube area.

This one is pretty close to how it was delivered.
Fox 40 fork and DHXRC2 shock handle the bouncy action.
The fork came with a blue spring in it - like all 40s do - but it was too light for me. I only really discovered this when I bought a green and a yellow spring and ran with the yellow (the green never got taken out of its packaging). The yellow is 2 levels firmer than the blue. I am running a 500lb titanium spring on the shock too. Both are running “shock bearings” which are rotary devices that permit one end of the spring to freely swivel against the spring perch. It is supposed to allow easier spring compression, but I changed spring and bearing at the same time so I can’t tell you.
Shifter and derailleur are Saint. Chain and cassette are Ultegra (11-23 I think).
Cranks are Truvativ things that weigh a tonne, and I replaced the bottom bracket with an identical one just to make sure it was OK. (The one I pulled out seems pretty smooth so I probably didn’t need to do that.)
Chain guide is an E*Thirteen style with a bash guard on the crank and a backing plate on the frame. It works pretty well (never lost a chain) but with direct mount rings it is out of fashion now.
Brakes are SRAM Code. It came with Elixirs - inadequate for my stopping requirements. These are easily the best brakes I’ve ever used. Coupled with a stack of rotors from SRAM (my first 2 squealed and they said one of them would stop the noise - it did!) they are fade resistant, durable (pad-wise) and modulate well.
Bars are Race Face SiXC carbon in a 78cm width. The original Easton Havoc bars were only 75cm wide and I thought wider was better.
Stem is the original Gravity direct mount. It has held the bars well.
Grips are fat lock-ons from Lizard Skins (North Shore).
Seat post is a Thomson - hard to go wrong with one of those. That was on the bike originally.
The original seat was a WTB Silverado I quite liked, but it was looking pretty shabby. This Fizik Tundra was original equipment on a friend’s Giant. He hated it and voila, it ended up on my V10. You don’t sit on it much anyway (but I love the Tundra on my XC bike anyway).
Wheels were originally DT. Including hubs, spokes and rims. The poor DT rims took a beating and required more straightening than a spanner could provide. New Stan’s Flow EX rims went on, along with new DT competition silver spokes. I built them onto the original 350 hubs. These wheels have never needed any attention. They just work. And no dents!
Tyres are the most recent of many. It came with a DHF Minion on both rims. I liked them and used others of the same tread. I tried Bontrager for a couple of seasons. These are High Roller II and I don’t like them quite as much as the Minions. (They were crap in the hard compound I put on my trail bike too - the rubber is important.) They are set tubeless for maximum durability.
Pedals? It has seen a few! Started with Shimano DH lipless pedals (M646), Then Blackspire trail pedals. They were good until I put one into the ground at Whistler and it twisted. I tried inexpensive Wellgo pedals that were OK but they were too thick and my feet kept blowing off them - and yes I am sure it was the thickness as they always felt like you were on them, not in them. Finally I put E*Thirteen LG1+ pedals on a couple seasons ago. They are brilliant except that the pins are so thin they pop off at the appearance of a rock. Oh, and replacement pins are hard to come by.

Yes it is a 26” bike - not in season this year. But it has 255mm of travel at the back and it just blasts through virtually anything (as long as you’ve got some momentum). It’s an amazing bike.

I think if I were to replace it today it would be with an XXL 29” V10 (now very poorly named given it has 210mm of rear travel for Greg Minnaar and his XXL and only 190mm of travel for Luca and Loris) - but you can’t buy them yet. And I’m not shopping right now.