Jet Lag

It is hard work to fly a long way. It takes a big toll on the body. Racing after flying - especially long flights - is a really big ask.
The simple solution is often impossible, to fly early enough that your body has time to adapt to the new time zone and get over the flying. [Airplanes contain dry and low pressure air, & are cramped - both of these things contribute to the poor body performance after a flight.]

I arrived back in Australia from Canada on Friday, and then entered in the local national Enduro series round with practice on Saturday and racing on Sunday. Saturday was particularly difficult as I found it very difficult to adjust to the different soil, temperature and terrain in Canberra compared to Whistler. I was slightly better on Sunday, but still felt a bit slow in thinking and reacting.
By the end of the race I was completely stuffed and ready for bed. Normally a 30 km ride with 5 ascents of Stromlo would be fine. My final climb was slow because of the feeling my legs might cramp if I pushed too hard.

If I could have returned several days earlier I could have had more practice laps during the week and my legs and mind more recovered. It wasn’t possible without cutting the trip short.
In the end I was satisfied with hitting all of my lines given how impossible that seemed on Saturday. That I was really slow was expected.