Warranty? Not for this rim!

I showed the rim to the bike shop, still with the tyre mounted on it. The tyre, the original, was so new it still had the little rubber hairs coming off of it. There were some cracking marks on the sidewall of the rim, but nothing that looked like it had impacted a sharp rock. There were zero marks on the tyre either. Not near to the break, or anywhere else. I simply hadn't hit it on anything.
The wheel was whisked out to Trek HQ in Fyshwick. The warranty guy and the bike shop guy took the tyre off together and inspected it. Neither could point to a place of impact, but the warranty guy still denied it.
As it turns out he was leaving the company and, perhaps, couldn't be bothered fussing with the argument that this should be replaced.

The benefits of dealing with a good bike shop appeared at this point. With about a week until I flew out to Whistler, they built me a pair of red Hope Pro 4 hubs (they bought just for me) into a pair of Nextie cheap Chinese carbon rims they had in stock. These wheels were similar in dimension to the Line XXX, but more than 50% cheaper and only marginally heavier.
I took the bike to Whistler and then to Finale Ligure and had exactly zero problems with the Nextie rims. Finale is renowned as a wheel killer. No problems.