My Commuter

The Cannondale Cyclocross 800 wasn’t a very expensive bike to buy - the Ultegra model had disc brakes and that wasn’t what I wanted at the time so I got the less expensive model with a 9-spd Shimano mixed ensemble (Tiagra and 105 mostly). The bike has seen a lot of changes over the years - mostly in the wheel area as a variety of sticks and potholes have written off existing wheels.
As it stands currently, it is a solid and reliable build.
Shimano R500 wheels are the least expensive wheels Shimano makes, but they’ve stood the test of time. I got them for the cost of a post-ride breakfast.
I have often used Conti GP All Seasons but these tyres are Specialized Roubaix tyres from a review article. They seem as long-lasting and puncture proof as anything I have tried.
The drivetrain is 10-spd SRAM Rival. Chain and cassette are Ultegra with 11-28T cassette. Rings are 39/53T.
Pedals are Speedplay Zero with ChroMo axles.
Headset is the original drop-in unit. They seem to just last. I think it is from FSA.
Stem is NOS pre-bankruptcy 3TTT Zepp with Ti bolts. These were as expensive and light as you could get when they were new. I think I paid $40 for it on a close-out sale. It is 130mm long.
Bars are Deda 220g alloy bars in a 28.6mm centre size. Width is 46cm.
Seat post is a Specialized Roubaix post from the first generation with the Zertz insert. It really changed the ride compared to the OEM cheap alloy post it replaced.
Saddle is a Fizik Arione - about the 10th saddle on there (probably an exaggeration). There have been a couple of Arione, and a couple of non Arione saddles in the bike’s life. They wear out.
Bottle cages are the second pair on the bike - these are Elite plastic ones.
Brakes are Avid Ultimate canti’s and are literally the 10th brake I tried (and the only ones that worked correctly). Came with Cannondale branded inexpensive brakes. Upgraded to Shimano ones. Tried several other options. Also about 20 different brake pads. The real culprit was the stop for the front brake was up in the headset spacers. Flex in the steerer tube meant changing brake pressure as it flexed. It created a horrid shudder - especially in the wet. I moved the stop to the fork crown at the same time I put the Ultimates on. And they are great. The current Dura Ace brake pads are terrible.
Bar tape is Fizik microtex; matches the saddle.
You can just see the light - an Exposure Diablo. Great commuter light!
At the back end is a Tubus Fly lightweight rack sporting a CatEye blinky.
Under the top tube is a frame fit pump that, thankfully, I haven’t required using all that often.
Under the saddle is a SciCon mini-bag containing one tube, two tyre levers and a patch kit.
Finally the mudguards are about the fifth set on this bike. Notice that the front section of the front guard is missing - it has been like that since 10 hours after I installed it. Just flew off the bike going down a hill. That has been the failure mode for all my various mudguards.

I am hoping to replace this bike with something new later this year. It depends on some factors outside my control whether this actually happens, but I hope to be sporting 11-spd and disc brakes by summer.