Christmas pedals

I have tried a lot of flat pedals looking for a set I like. The E*13 LG1+ have been great, but with the pins breaking off at the average of one per ride and no new ones available anywhere I shopped - my second pair had to donate pins to my first pair in order to keep them running.
Recently I have been riding on borrowed Straitline AMP pedals. They are very good. But availability is poor here in Australia.
Under the tree was a nicely wrapped pair of Spank Oozy trail pedals. They look quite a bit different to the AMP, but the pins are almost identically placed when held up to each other.
After one ride I can conclude the traction is very good. These pins are more aggressive than the Straitline pins, and so grip is a bit higher. Other than that, they feel identical.

The impact surfaces are non-anodised, meaning minor impacts with rocks will not be so visible.
The bearing bulge at the crank would rub on the crank boot if it weren’t for the thick pedal washers included in the box. They provide just enough space that it all clears.

I’ll report back after some more riding.