Short-travel bike on a long-travel trail

On the weekend I took my Ibis down three trails at Stromlo that I'd only ridden with the Slash before: Short & Sharp, Blood Rock and Three Amigos.
Short & Sharp is a steep track through the trees with loads of janky rocks everywhere. My biggest issue was over-use of the rear brake causing the semi-slick tyre on the back wheel to slide. Coupled with usually using flat pedals on the Slash, I felt uncomfortable on the Ibis. With a bit of practice I predict the Ibis would be about as fast as the Slash down there because it's so slow anyway that the longer travel of the Slash doesn't help out much. I could test this theory by running the Slash's wheels and tyres on the Ibis - I'll write about it here if that happens anytime soon.
I remember going to Blood Rock on a shop ride about 15 years ago in the dark. Shane led 20 people down the backside of Stromlo in cold and dark conditions to find this big rock face (the blood rock) that only he rode down. In the daylight it is daunting because it is unsighted as you approach. In the dark it is like riding into a chasm.
Currently that old trail is still occasionally ridden (there were tyre tracks) but the main trail is a few metres away and takes in a lot of smaller rocky outcrops rather than the one big one. For the uninitiated, take Sunset Boulevard from the bottom of Western Wedgetail and then cross over Pork Barrel into Rough Choice. That trail ends pointed directly into Blood Rock. The second rocky bit of Blood Rock is where, if you took a hard right, you'd end up at the big face. The optimum approach is to take a slightly different further track from the beginning (where Rough Choice ends).
Three Amigos was built for the National Enduro Series round in 2018. They finished it the night before the race (it was still a work in progress on Saturday during practice, and it had changed mid-week since it was first opened for practice because someone had time to do it better). It was very soft and rough, having been hacked from the hill only hours prior.
Now, a year and a half later, it has had a fair amount of traffic and it rides really well. It is still a bit janky in places, but it's gone from awkward to fun.
I really recommend that third track.

I think the first time we discovered Short & Sharp we were on XC bikes. Old school ones with steep angles and low stability. Despite 29" wheels that roll over a lots of things, it was scary with full height saddles and no idea where we were going. In contrast, the Ibis wasn't scary, I just had a difficult time keeping pointed where I wanted to go with too much rear brake pulling the rear end around. I need to do some sessioning! It never felt like I was in danger of an OTB. Plus it seems to have decent ground clearance as I didn't hit my chainring.