My Single Speed

The Titus Fireline Exogrid was custom made for me by Titus when one of my riders was riding on their pro team. It came with a full XT 3x9 build, with DT Swiss wheels and Kenda tyres. Also included were Maxm (house brand) bar, stem and post.
Early on in its life, I picked up a stick with the rear wheel at Bruce Ridge and ripped the rear derailleur off the bike (including destroying the right rear dropout, the chain, the cassette and several spokes). I borrowed a spare dropout from the pro, and continued to use this as my race bike.
At the time I had a Gary Fisher Rig - a purpose built single speed bike. I decided to sell it, but not before I swapped the Manitou Minute fork that came on the Titus for the G2 geometry (6mm more offset than the Manitou) Fox 32. Then I needed a new single speed. I purchased a new right rear dropout from Titus (twice having gone out of business by then, but still making Firelines) along with a set of single-speed specific dropouts.
Bars have gotten wider so first I went to some 66 cm carbon bars and now I’m on Race Face Next carbon bars in a 74 cm width. Stem had to get shorter too, so the Maxm gave way to a Race Face Turbine stem (was 110 mm, now 100 mm).
I have had several seats on the bike - they just don’t last that long. This one is really unattractive - ugly even. But I won it in a race and it is really comfortable. So it will remain until it wears out.
The original wheels have given way to a pair of Light Bicycle carbon rims on Hope 2 Evo hubs with bladed Pillar spokes and matching red nipples. My website address is on the rims under the clear coat. Decals are super durable when they are done that way.
Cranks are XT M8000 1x cranks with an Absolute Black oval 32T red ring. They also supplied the 18T NW sprocket in alloy. Chain is 10-spd Wipperman.
I can’t ride without a dropper post any more so this is the Reverb out of my Yeti SB66C. Actually, in the photo is the Maxm carbon post that came in the bike - I had the Reverb in for service when this photo was taken and Rock Shox replaced that post with a new B1 revision post (the ones that say Rock Shox on the top of the pillar). 3hr-3

Headset is the original Cane Creek.
Seat post binder clamp is a Hope one, in the same red as the hubs - just for matchy-matchy.
Skewers are XTR M900 - really, really old!
Cages are King Cages from Colorado. They are almost as old as the bike and still work fine. They aren’t supposed to mark bottles but that is crap - they leave black lines all over every bottle I use.
Grips are fat lock-ons. Race Face Strafe to be exact.
I have had more tyres on this bike than any other bike I have ever owned. Currently they are Maxxis Ardent Race front and rear.
Pedals are Crank Brothers Candy.

I don’t race this bike very often, but in the above photo I did a 3-hr race in a mixed pair and I had an absolute blast hammering each and every lap just as hard as I could. It was a very single-speed friendly course and the bike is a dream ride. You might just make out in the photo two zip ties on the fork crown - I was running a ShockWhiz from Quarq in this race to see how my suspension was behaving. This is an old 32 and it has a compression ratio of 5:1 - which means I never see full travel. I could cut down the air rod and lower the compression ratio - I have meant to do it several times, but it is a lot of work.
I’d really like to put a new fork on it, but with a straight steerer tube there are few choices of “better than this fork” to pick from.

This bike suffers from creaks a lot. I have finally figured out that it is the replaceable dropouts moving against the metal frame. It took way too long to figure that one out - it should have been obvious!

I love this bike and I do most of my “training” MTB rides on it.