Micro Climate & Lord of the Squirrels

Yesterday we climbed up Blackcomb Mountain to access the top of Micro Climate. This was used in the ’14 EWS round here in Whistler. It is a black trail and definitely earns it. Precipitous steep plunges and rough terrain make it a challenge. With it being so dry the past 2 summers the track is in need of some loving. Yesterday it was 10 cm deep in pure dust in places. Only one sequence of corners was really tough - almost axle deep in the rut and full of invisible rocks under the deep dust and ended with an acute left-hand corner. So I was troubled by 8 metres of trail out of 2008 metres.
Numerous bits of the descent rewarded just letting the bike run. It was so much fun! If I lived locally, I might do this one regularly.

Today it was the climb to the summit of the mountain (Sproatt) to try out the newly opened Lord of the Squirrels trail that starts up in the Alpine and ends down on the Rainbow Sproatt Flank Trail. It went on for nearly 40 minutes. A descent - for 40 minutes. That is the sort of descending you can only get by starting at the top of a real mountain.
It was different from yesterday’s challenge (which was technical) - today it was how long can I get off the brakes? I had to pedal a handful of times and I think a few of those times it was a tad too much brake. That is remarkable for a first-ride. Someone did a lot of fantastic work to make a trail that you can trust blind. That’s also why it’s blue rated rather than black rated. It’s challenging for sure, but not the way a Whistler black trail is challenging.
I overheard a couple finishing as we started - one of them said “well, we survived”. When I got to the bottom it was more like “how fun was that?”

Want to try some real trail riding? Try it in Whistler. It’s worth the trip even if you never enter the bike park (But don’t come all this way to not try it).