Deep rim reflections

For the most part I really like the deep rim experience. They are wide, which allows lower air pressure without fear of pinch flats, the tyres are more stable on the rim in corners and yet it rides more comfortably - so that’s a plus (that you could also gain with shallow but wide rims).
The wide rims are far less sensitive to crosswinds than are traditional V-shaped narrow rims. I got blown into the ditch once while testing some 60 mm deep rims. That was too exciting. I have had 2 or 3 scary experiences with my rims, all of them on descents at high speed when crosswind sensitivity is highest.
Having gone back to my old rims (shallow, narrow, metal) I am reminded of the good and the bad of the old rims. That they are metal hoops means I can change traffic lights that remain resolutely red when I have my carbon rims on. I have rediscovered the joys of riding “no hands” because I don’t dare with the deep rims. Probably the biggest thing though is how much less work it is at speeds above 60 - the carbon wheels might be possible to control but the alloy wheels are so much easier.

When I purchased the review wheels I was wishing that they offered a 35 mm deep rim with wide profile (I tried a 35 mm narrow rim) and I still feel that way (only now they do make that rim). The 58s are just a bit too much wheel for riding in the hills.