Be careful with old gear

Pedals don’t last forever!
I put the close-up on here because you can see that just over half the end of the axle is light grey and the rest is dark grey. The dark bit has been broken for a while and is polished smooth. The light bit is what snapped in one go today.
I was incredibly lucky in that it snapped on a short climb between two pretty fast descents. I was going about 12 kmh (only) when it happened. If that had let go at speed, I could have ended up in hospital. As it is, I have three sets of bruises (knee into brake lever, back of thigh into saddle nose and inside of leg into I-don’t-know-what).


I have another pair of these pedals (Crank Brothers Candy) that are even older than the broken pedal. I think I’ll be retiring them ASAP.

I’d suggest you go check your old pedals, but there really is no easy way to check them. If you are big like me, and have been riding on the same pedals for years you might want to consider replacing them before they break.
It really isn’t a lot of fun.