Enduro fitness matters

Lesson #6: Fitness counts.
Every stage (of 6) in this race had pedalling in it. I am used to one or two, but all six?
What were they thinking?
Anyway, it meant some riders were pretty tired by the end of the day. It showed on stage 5 when I got second. I think that was all down to the pedalling bit on 5 – I was able to push it like I did on stage 1, while my competitors were a bit reluctant to hurt themselves that late in the day.
The corollary of this is the recent EWS in Italy. They also had six stages to race (over two days instead of one) but each of their stages had roughly the same vertical as the entire Toowoomba event! We did 900 metres descent and they did 5500 metres descent. Yet their total distance ridden was not all that much further. Because it was STEEP! They also used chairlifts to get up part of four stages to lighten the load somewhat.