Conti GP 5000TL mini-review

Continental is a conservative company. They don’t do fads. I read that they weren’t going to get into tubeless tyres until they were happy that they could do it correctly and safely.
That time is now. The release of the latest tyre in the racing line [which started with the Grand Prix - Grand Prix 2000 (I don’t think there was a 1000 or any other in between) - Grand Prix 3000 - Grand Prix 4000 - Grand Prix 4000s - Grand Prix 4000sII] is pretty significant for me as the GP4000 variants have been one of my favourite racing type tyres. The Grand Prix 5000 introduces some new thinking.
The tread is not moulded into the rubber during production, it is cut away by laser afterwards. I don’t know what this accomplishes, but the tread is very accurate and almost non-existent anyway. At a product knowledge session the Conti guy told me that they wanted to sell slicks but the marketing department insisted on tread for people who don’t understand physics (far too many people - but that’s another story). Thus the GP treads of late have been enough to appeal to tread “wanters” but not too much to ruin the traction.

There were two versions of the GP5000 released this year. The regular replacement for the GP4000sII and the “TL” version I have on my bike. TL stands for tubeless. And these are tubeless. I suspect they would be quite useable on many rims without sealant. They are air tight and have a good bead design. They are also moderately easy to fit (a 2 on a 3 point scale).

Ride is superb. Just what you’d expect from this family of race tyres from the most ridden tyre brand in the WorldTour. Traction, noise, puncture resistance - I haven’t been on them long enough to check on durability yet. They also hold air about as well as a tyre with a tube (I’m running a small amount of OrangeSeal in each one).

What I learned from my multi-tyre test was that the difference between top tyres is minuscule these days. I admit to having very minimal experience with tubeless road tyres, but these are as good as I expected.

Definitely a good tyre.