My Roadie

Trek’s carbon bikes have had a few naming conventions since they started making carbon bikes back in the 90s. Mine is a Madone - which is a name they still produce, but mine is more Emonda than it is Madone (because the current Madone is an aero bike).
Trek road bikes are generally only available in one “geometry” but the more expensive ones come in the “pro” and the “sport” style, which Trek gives the descriptive titles of H1 and H2. I am not sure if they still produce H3 - that used to be called Womens.
H1 is a tad longer and has a shorter head tube compared to H2. This one is a 62cm H2 - hence the really tall head tube and the not-so-sloping top tube.
This bike was ordered through Project One, but with a stock paint scheme. I was going to go custom but at the last minute couldn’t justify the expense.
The headset is slammed complete with an extra thin top cap and the required 5mm spacers both above and below the stem itself. That stem is a Bontrager carbon XXX in 130mm length.
It holds a pair of Ritchey Super Logic II carbon bars, which have a big reach and massive drop in this size (variable dimensions for each size). These are the best road bars I’ve ever used. They even made me hate my old favourite shape.
Seat mast is an extra-long one with less offset. It holds a Fizik Arione R3 saddle.
Ensemble is SRAM Force 10spd. It has Rival cranks because I use 180mm cranks and that was the choice in the SRAM world for cranks of that length.
Bottom bracket is an Enduro radial contact stainless unit, installed a couple of months ago when the original bearings felt a bit dirty.
Pedals are Speedplay Zero CroMo Track version - with the extra stiff release motion.
Bottle cages are Bontrager XL in a matching matte black.
Chain and cassette are Ultegra because I find them to work better than the SRAM equivalent.
Wheels are ex-review Irwin 58mm deep full carbon clinchers. I reviewed narrow 35mm rims and wide 58mm rims - I would have purchased the wide 35s that they weren’t producing yet if I had the choice. These 58s are too deep some days. But their shape makes them mostly impervious to cross-winds until the bike is moving very fast or the wind is blowing very hard.
Tyres are ex-review Specialized S-Works; 24mm in front and 26mm in back.

The photo shows the bike with “chrome” Deda bar tape but I have since removed that and put blue Fizik Microtex (thick) tape on. The chrome had a certain appeal, but it wasn’t very nice on hot days. The Fizik textured material is much nicer - and the blue colour was a nice change.
UPDATE: I snapped a photo with the blue tape.
If I replaced this bike I am 99% certain I would choose the Emonda and go with the 62cm H1 geometry to get my bars down a bit. Even slammed this H2 frame is a bit tall up front for my liking. The H1 is about 2cm lower, so running the normal height headset top cap without extra spacers would lower the bars roughly 1cm. I think that would be perfect. Up until they released a new one last week, the Emonda was about 30g lighter than this Madone 6.9SSL - but the new Emonda is another 30 or so grams lighter again.