Club racing fun!

When I checked out the proposed course online, I was worried it would be boring. It was actually an excellent race course. I probably wouldn’t ride it for “fun” a bunch of times, but it made for really fun racing.

Not having raced a lot, I wasn’t sure about my condition.
And, I was most worried about the ability of my rear tyre to hold air. I raced in the Duo Classic recently. I started the race with 40 psi in the rear tyre and finished the race with roughly 14 psi in the tyre. It was dead flat by the time I got home. I went for a social ride on the bike the morning of the CORC race and it was almost flat after only an hour. Not a good confidence builder.
Once again I started the race with loads of air in the tyre - this time 45 psi. Only it held air this time and the next morning I still had 35 psi in there. Which meant I spent the entire race sliding around with way too much air in it.

During the race itself I found I had decent legs. On the final lap I got a small lead up the hill which I had issues holding on the way down the hill. Not only was my rear tyre sliding everywhere, but I also managed to insert my right contact lens inside-out so it kept moving in a way that meant I couldn’t see properly. I wasn’t the fastest descender I could be on that final one, and with only a small gap that meant the guy behind me could time it perfectly to pass me on the run into the finish line - and I was powerless to do anything about it.
A good race to second place is OK by me - but I’d be hoping for more next time!

All the people from all the grades seemed to enjoy the course. Well done to the course setter.