Bad fork seals

Enduro - the bearings and other stuff plus cool tools people - have always made alternative fork seals to the ones the manufacturer of the forks uses (both Fox and RockShox). The all blue ones had a reputation for being too hard and wearing the anodising off the stanchions during use.
I tried the newer 2-material seals which did no damage to the forks, but they definitely didn’t hold the oil inside or keep the dirt outside either - and those are the only two tasks that fork seals have. I lost so much oil out of my open bath fork that it ceased to provide any damping. That’s a big leak. All that lost oil combined with trail dust to form a black sticky mess on the fork too.

Consequently I cannot recommend Enduro fork seals. Their fork press tools, however, are nicely made and make pressing a fork seal in a very simple task because they are long enough to drop into the upper bushing - which means the seal has to go in straight. The Fox tool doesn’t use the bushing as a guide so it is possible to push it in askew.