Epilogue - the world has moved ahead

Same time I bought my wheels, I bought a pair of Bouwmeester wheels (from Adelaide) for my partner's new Yeti. These are the wheels as far as I'm concerned. My old mate Raoul Luescher and Mello Bouwmeester designed the rims. They have no air space in the middle - that is a holdover from aluminium rims. They are so thin that it is almost impossible to mark them with a rock - the flying debris just misses the sidewalls completely. They have a deep drop-centre, making tubeless installation easy. And they have a 1-year "if you break 'em, we'll replace 'em" warranty.
Mello got the gig as head carbon engineer at Selle Royal. One of the first products I've seen from his time there is the new Crank Brothers carbon rim - it looks an awful lot like the Bouwmeester rims in my garage. They said at the release that the industry standard now is set by Santa Cruz - so they feel they have to match that.
Santa Cruz, if you haven't seen the Danny MacAskill video (https://youtu.be/VfjjiHGuHoc), has new carbon wheels (Reserve) that have a lifetime guarantee and a 24-hour turnaround time if you break one. Danny tried to huck stairs to broken rim, but could only manage it by removing the tyre from the rim first. Wow!

If I ever need to replace my Line XXX rim, it will be with a Reserve rim as I know they can be purchased solo and that they'll fit my 28H hub. And I know I'll never break one!

Trek needs to do something about timeliness. They need to make their warranty competitively longer. And they ought to take better care of someone who has so many Treks in his quiver.