A bike shop to the rescue

Something you’ll never get from a “cheapest price” internet shop is great backup service when you are really stuck. Like lending you a pair of wheels to take to a race as spares, just because you might need them (which they’ve done).
Or, in this particular case, whipping a pair of carbon rims out of stock, ordering some good hubs to build them on, and assembling some really great substitute carbon wheels for my trip to Whistler - all in the week prior to departure.

I’m still riding those wheels several months later!

Eventually I’ll trade them back for the wheels I actually paid for, and they will try to use them for a staff bike, helping another customer, or something. They told me not to worry about it.

How good is that?

If you ride a lot, develop a relationship with a local shop and both you and the show will benefit from it.

Oh, plus worth mentioning that I rode them in Whistler and then in Finale Ligure - both places are rim killers - and had not a single problem. I’ve ridden them numerous times, at speed, on the same trails of Stromlo too. Nextie Chinese carbon rims are not very expensive, but they seem really well made. Everyone I know with these rims raves about them.

My super-expensive Bontrager rims lasted a few hours. My loaner inexpensive Chinese rims lasted through 5 weeks of riding some of the gnarliest trails I’ve ever seen, and loads of fun around home after.

Thanks Bike Culture!