Delayed benefits

For most of the winter I used the Sufferfest to torture myself in the name of better fitness. Loads of intensity, usually with some decent recovery in between sessions (because they hurt so much I couldn’t do anything else but recover).
That was immediately before the Canada trip. I didn’t feel any great boost while I was riding up monstrous mountains in Canada, but neither was I in a situation to push myself to go fast. Slow and steady is the preferred mode for a 2-3 hour climb when you want to enjoy the descent back down as the prime objective. And last weekend I had the jet lag racing experience. That also wasn’t an opportunity to explore my fitness as my brain was a 1/4-step behind all weekend.

But this weekend just past was beautiful outside and I got two good rides in. Both were surprisingly swift. My training was around backwards to the conventional mode of base and intensity but it seems to have had some decent effects. The best example was climbing the Three Sisters up from Uriarra Crossing. I was able to ascend in the big ring, standing - always waiting for the legs to capitulate, but they never did.
Yeah, it hurt. But there was substance to back up my choices.

All it took was some patience.