Rocky Trail’s AMB100 was yesterday.
They used to run it in Feb, but it was often hot enough to make people withdraw. So they moved it to April last year (I was away so didn’t enter) and it was wintery-cold on Sunday to make me wonder why I’d entered.

Anyway, once I was half way up Mt Stromlo for the first time I was good for warmth wearing only knee warmers as a concession to the cold. I worked hard, but not stupidly hard, on the opening firetrail climb in order to get myself into a pretty good position on the single track. It worked. I slowed once where congestion was causing chaos, but otherwise it was full speed ahead.
Over the top we went and down Western Wedgetail. The guy a few tens of centimetres in front of me looked like he might crash on every corner. He made slow look fast. And dangerous. Still, I didn’t pressure him to go faster and there are no really good passing opportunities on that trail so I thought he might let me pass as we transitioned to Pork Barrel.
But he took the B-line at the rock roll and I did the rock roll, pulling out many metres in one easy pass. I caught two more people going down the Barrel. A girl (I think she’d stopped to let faster riders go then jumped back in just before I came through) nearly crashed twice trying to go fast before she pulled off the trail to let me go. I tried to calm her down - I didn’t want to feel responsible for her going OTB.
I got to the bottom without taking any risks. I had a big drink on the firetrail headed into Deep Creek. I was slowly catching the group of riders in front of me, but I remember making a decision not to bother pushing to catch them because it was a long race and it had only just begun.
The final descent of Deep Creek (to Terminal Velocity) is a series of swooping berms. Nothing technically challenging. Fun though. On the second to last left hand 180 degree turn, I suddenly found myself flying through the air and slamming into a large cube-shaped rock on the outside of the turn.
I have absolutely no understanding of why this happened.

I did see two large you-don’t-want-to-hit-those kinda rocks on the racing line. I thought I’d put them there in my crash. But if even one was already there, that could have been the problem. I was looking far ahead when I crashed so it is possible I wouldn’t have seen a bit, out of place, rock.

My Garmin mount ended up in numerous pieces. Thankfully they are weaker than the unit so I’m down one out-front mount (and I know I never should have mounted a GPS out front on a mountain bike) but my 520 is in perfect condition.
My bars have a huge score in them where the brake lever ended up (they were loose enough on the bar that they could slide during the impact - and in fact slid until they hit the grip and then dug in) so I’m up for a replacement set of bars. Shame they were only a couple of rides old! And pricey!!!!
The right brake lever is bashed in. I think just the plastic cover is broken. Replace that and I think they’ll be fine. The hose, too, is damaged.

A rock point dragged up my thigh, cutting through my knee warmers and knicks. They are now rags.

The only lasting problem is where I bumped my knee (top tube?) and it is painful and stiff. This morning I couldn’t ride out of the saddle on my way to work. This evening I could on my way home. So it is getting better.

I was planning on a race report for the blog. But I wasn’t expecting it to be about why I DNFd and what I smashed in the process.

Keep the shiny side up, eh...