Great potential

So you are a cyclist with some good successes behind you and your new coach tells you “man your descending skills are crap!” or perhaps he tells you (hey T!) “your core strength is shit...” (Cue the Twisted Sister song and pay particular attention to the bit at 1:00-1:15).
Maybe the coach, like the dad in the video, could have handled things better?


If someone is already doing OK and turns out to have a huge gap in their repertoire, that gives room for improvement. Maybe the coach should say “Once we get your descending skills up to scratch, no one will be able to say with you across a race” or “there is great potential in increasing your core strength.”

Different people respond to different motivations, and there are people out there who would prefer to be told they were crap, whilst others prefer a warm and fuzzy assessment of the gigantic room for improvement they might have. This isn’t just up to the coach - work it out between yourselves to the best end result.

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