Safe Enduro speeds

Lesson #4: Don’t go as fast as you can on tracks you don’t know. Go as fast as you are safe. Yes, you will give away time to locals and braver riders. However, I saw two people break their carbon frames in offs – one in about the third corner of stage 1.
One thing about these Toowoomba trails and more correctly about these Enduro race stages, was that they changed character part way. Stage 3 began on the DH course (double black rated) before it cut left into the bushes onto a meandering trail more XC in nature (blue rated). It was a bit difficult to change from a mode that worked well at the top to a mode that worked well for the bottom. Two other stages began fast and flowing before they became quite janky. If you flowed fast into the janky bit, you’d be like the broken frame guy and off the track faster than you can think “uh oh!”

Of course, as you race on more tracks your safe speed will increase. Sam Hill’s sighting lap speed is faster than most riders well-practiced speed. Work up to it safely.

Corollary to #4 – if you are going to remember anything from a stage, remember the bits that will challenge your ability to remain upright. On one stage I was pretty much only thinking about being smooth while looking for the transition to the climbing portion of the stage. I had been through there twice in practice and noticed lots of opportunity to mess up the climb (over rough rocks) so a good time depended on getting that right. I did, but there was another similar section after that I didn’t get so correct and it cost me a few seconds.