Enduro lessons

  1. Doesn’t matter if it is downhill, enduro or what - fitness matters. There were two of the three stages with lots of pedalling included and some naturally fast descenders were beaten by marginally slower, but fitter, individuals who were willing to pedal hard.
  2. When you pre-ride the course, make sure it is the course you are pre-riding. We did last year’s course and, of course, it was different this year. No wonder there were no signs where we went!
  3. Make sure your equipment is up to the task before the day. There were lots of flats and those sorts of issues, but you can’t do much about that beforehand. What you can control are leaking shocks, poor shifting and routine maintenance.
  4. Have a plan. With a no-schedule enduro you need to make your own plan. Be strategic in where you start and which order you run.
  5. Plan to set your fastest time on the first run down each trail. Just because you are permitted to do multiple runs doesn’t mean you should count on it. You’ll never be as fresh as you are on the first go of each track.
  6. Bring money. With the race ending outside the new Handle Bar, that meant hot or cold drinks and hot or cold food was readily available. I didn’t have to eat a bar when I could have a delicious egg & bacon roll while waiting for presentations.