Long & Low

Last year I bought a new road bike after a couple of years without one. I thought I would use it for sunny rides with friends and training for MTB races. Turns out I've gone back to road racing and it gets used for that too (I am still using it for the other two as well).
Given that I am not getting any younger (who is?) and lack of racing intentions, I thought I would set it up comfortable for regular riding. As it is a Trek Madone, that meant I had a choice of three geometries (H1, H2 & H3). Given my history and flexibility I was going to go H1. Bike shop guy talked me into going H2. I had to go up a size to keep some semblance of the correct top tube length, since the H2 gets a lot shorter within sizes going up to H2. I also spec'd a 130 mm stem. The final step was to slam the stem as low as it would go (since the tall H2 headtube got even taller when I went up a size).
I probably could have gone without the headset top cap, but then the bearings are exposed and it doesn't look pretty. Instead I replaced Trek's choice of tall cone with a virtually identical short cone. That cut a full 1 cm off the height. Use of a 5 mm spacer under the stem is obligatory by Trek rules, and another goes on top - but that was it.
Long stem, as low as it will go - means that the reach is a bit more than my commuter bike while the stack is a bit less.
It was fine until I got mid-race and realised I couldn't get lower or longer than down in the drops. But I wanted to.
While I remain a firm believer in not going too small, you really don't want to go too big either. I finally understand why so many pro riders have silly long stems on their bike - I could easily chuck a 140 or 150 on for racing, and it could be a dropped stem while I am at it (mine is -6, which means it still points upwards).
I went with extra deep drop bars when I put the bike together to partially combat this problem. It works when I'm in the drops, in fact I can ride a whole race down there. It also works on the tops (though they often feel a little bit close). It is the brake hoods that don't really do it for me so much - they feel wrong somehow and history suggests it is due to being too high.
Go long,
Go low,
Go fast!