2019 Trek Madone SLR Disc early review

Of all the things that the new bike has changed, the braking is the most obvious change. These Campagnolo brakes are magnificent. Good lever feel, good modulation and always one-(light)-finger braking. You just don’t have to pull very hard to slow down fast. Best of all I know it is never going to overheat my rims and lead to a carbon rim separation incident.
The shifting is very solid. The lever feel is very “connected” – not like the super-ultra-light-action Shimano shifting where there is no noise or feedback to communicate the shift. There is no doubt that the gear has been changed.
Shifting is good. Under load or no load, up hill or down, a movement at the lever results in a shift at the chain (front or rear). This despite the non-Campagnolo housing and cables I was forced to use to get the bike running, and despite the convoluted cable routing inside the bars and stem.
IsoSpeed is very good, but it isn’t suspension. The club raced on the Old Federal Highway recently. It is quite rough. The IsoSpeed took the edge off of the bumps, but there were some that still sent the bike veering off course because it is not suspension. It suspends the rider to some extent, but you can’t expect miracles from such a simple system. Comfort – yes. Tyres on ground at all times – no.
I saw two other similar Madones at the races. One is also an “Icon” paint scheme - the Trek Segafredo red & white is very snazzy. The other was safety yellow (with rim brakes!). It stood out.
This bike is exactly what I expect a racing bike to be, only slightly more of it. It is fast – I got the fastest time of everyone down the hill during the race (and a top-20 time ever) which is a bit rider a lot bike. It is light – my partner rides an Emonda SLR in a 52 cm frame and the whole thing weighs about 6 kg; my Madone is closer to 8 than 6 but it still doesn’t feel like much of a mass when I hoist it on top of the car (which reminds me to weigh it on an actual scale some time).
I am still getting used to the aero-tops on the handlebars. I don’t dislike them as such, I just don’t really know the best way to rest my hands on them.
I think I made a good choice.