Another Whistler visit

And isn’t it oh-so-dry here?!?!
Deep dust, loose rocks, no soil; it seems like the long dry summers of BC are getting longer and drier.
Is it possible that the cumulative effects add up?

Dry and on fire seem the new normal for BC.
Whistler is taking corrective steps - they have installed irrigation systems on two trails that see the most traffic (A-line and Heart of Darkness). By keeping them damp they can keep them in good condition.

Even the trail Blueberry Bathtub, which is kind of difficult to get to and therefore not seeing as much traffic as it otherwise might, is showing signs of wear. It was new last season and was in good condition when I rode it then. It is still pretty nice, but there are a few holes.
Top of the World, the extra-cost trail from the very summit of the mountain, is looking a bit blown out through the Alpine.

In other words, you really can’t avoid it. If people ride on it, it is going to fall to pieces.
The plus side was the nice warm, dry weather. Only I am not getting that. Coincident with my arrival is a drop in temperature and an increase in precipitation. While it might make the tracks that much nicer to ride, I wasn’t really prepared for 12 degrees. Brrrr.