Big climbs

A singletrack climb covered in roots and rocks accomplished at 6 kmh sounds incredibly slow (actually it is slow), but it feels like an accomplishment sometimes. Add in some sticky humidity and it can be very taxing. The way to get used to it is to do it. These high power climbs work best in a larger gear (too much torque in a smaller gear - tyres spin and pedals clip rocks too) - getting used to that takes time.

Some of the other climbs are on fire roads. They can be over 20% gradient - that’s pretty steep. They can also be loose gravel which isn’t good for rear wheel traction. And they are also pretty boring. But quite a bit quicker than a singletrack climb. If you’re whole goal is the descending trail then the fire road option is good - but I will always choose the climbing trail option because it’s much more fun.

I’ve been reeling off between 5 and 8 hundred metres of vertical per hour of grinding away. Which means most of the climbs are 2 to 3 hours in length. The benefit of this is a long descent.