I was intrigued because part of the system is the recently much-spoken-about 4DP threshold test. And further intrigued because only 1/3 of the training system is exercises on the trainer.

They also have recruited Abi Carver (I first saw her work on Pinkbike) for her yoga-for-cyclists videos. There are around 30 of these videos, covering different parts of the body and different recovery approaches.

And the final third is mental training. I have yet to find out anything about these.

So, I plan to try out some of the drills - but given that you download a video for them prior to starting I don’t expect any sort of interactive Zwift experience. I’m quite excited to try out the mental training and to get into some of Abi’s yoga drills (I enjoyed the couple I have done from Pinkbike to date).

I’ll let you and the Sufferlandians know what I think of Sufferfest as I go.