Yoda's offering to MTB

What, exactly, do I mean by this?
Imagine you are riding along a trail. You see an obstacle - it could be a man-made item like a see-saw or a jump, or it could be a natural obstacle like a drop-in or a rock garden - and you have to decide if you are going to attempt it, or bypass it in some way.
You should not try to make the technical test. You should, instead, decide that you will ride it in a particular way and then go and ride it that way.
If you know you will make it, like riding off a 10 cm tall curb, then you will make it. If you cannot even imagine that you will make it, then there is almost no way you can make it - the fall is nearly inevitable. However, if you try to make it there is a lot of uncertainty in your head leaving a lot of room for failure.
So as Yoda said, “do or do not” because you should either know you are going to do it, or know you aren’t going to do it. In technical riding there is no try.