Roof bike

There will be much to come about the review bike over the coming months, but today I picked it up. That meant driving without bike to the pickup and then returning with the bike on the roof.
Now having written that, it is true that I usually see slightly higher consumption on the way back to Canberra than on the way to Sydney - so I wouldn’t put solid faith in the numbers (rather they are indicative).
I averaged 7.9 on the way (160 km) and the average was 8.4 at the end. I didn’t reset at the collection so the full effect is double the difference - 1.0 l/100km in this case. Or put another way, roughly 12%.

When you consider that a 1.3 tonne auto at 100 kmh uses 12% more fuel with a 7 kg bike on the roof, it is quite a big impact.