Suffering exercises

The name is entirely appropriate. It is all about the suffering!

I really like that the “joke” of the suffering is so thoroughly integrated through the entire experience. One I did the other day had lots of in-car footage of the DS following the race. They have added cartoon word “bubbles” which makes them talk directly to, or mostly about, the rider.
The timing of the race footage is also excellent. Some workouts use multiple small snippets of footage (such as men’s, women’s and junior’s footage from the Cyclocross Worlds) and others use interesting segments from a single race (such as Tour of Flanders climbs).

I didn’t notice it at first, until one of the Ministers of Sufferlandria pointed it out to me, that there is a slider on the workout screen that allows one to lower the power requirements in a percentage portion in case you want to decrease the intensity. Then a killer workout can be merely hard, or even easy.
I also discovered that a smart trainer can auto start and stop the progress. It is convenient but it also means that stopping pedalling for even a moment pauses the program. This is most noticeable after a hard effort.

As a package it is doing a good job of trying to replace me (the coach) in someone’s training.

Anyone can have a free 7-day trial. This is enough to do the fitness test and try several exercises. It doesn’t demand a smart trainer, but it does work best with one.