When dust is worse than wet

The climb was fine. It is in the trees and really slow, technical climbing. It doesn’t get turned to dust.

The blue descending trail was pretty serious - quite “black” in places - because of the dry making it slippery and also erosion leaving challenging holes/drops mid-corner.
With some trepidation I dropped into the black trail below and sure enough, it was extremely challenging. The rocks were super slippery covered in dirt.
The run-outs were rutted and covered in dust that obscures everything. And is slippery.
One section featured about 3 rock rolls in a row. I had to just let the bike go, so I was motoring along fast enough that I rolled into the next section blind. It was very steep. I had to hang on and hope!

Everything “levels up” in the wet. It also does so in the extreme dry! At least in the wet you know what to expect.