Rotorua shuttle bus

Every day in high summer, plus all weekends and holidays and even Tues/Thurs after work (when there is light available, 530-dusk) one or more shuttle buses runs part of the Whaka. Twice a day they pick up at the car park at the bottom, allowing pure DH sleds a chance to uplift painlessly. The rest of the time they run up and down Hill Rd between the end of the DH course and the top of the DH course.
We saw 8 year old kids and strangely attired older women, teens, serious downhillers, gravity XC types and every other variety of cyclist on the shuttle.
They stink by the way - all those sweaty cyclists sitting in a closed bus that never gets used for anything else but shuttles. Yes it smells bad.
The bus pulls a trailer. The trailer has a custom rack on the back to carry more than enough bikes for the bus's number of seats. Made of re-bar, you slide your rear wheel into a thing that looks a lot like a school bike rack, but subtly different. It does a good job of avoiding big brake rotors and it squeezes the average tyre gently on top and bottom to support the bike. Each one has a stretchy elastic strap with a friction lock on it to secure the bike in there for the trip up.
Several times I found my bike not attached when I reached the top. It might have come undone on its own during the ride, or perhaps someone releasing their own bike nearby also undid mine. Whatever the reason, I thought the stretchy strap wasn't very important. I caught the bus up for one more run one afternoon and it was such work to get it in there (plus we were holding up the bus as it started to drive off just as we arrived) so I didn't bother to do it up. It wasn't there at the top.
I figured someone had taken it off. Except it wasn't anywhere to be seen. When I mentioned this to the bus driver, she didn't seem phased. "Oh, dropped another one did we?" I got a lift down from her, her radio telling her they'd found a bike. In fact the bike fell just below the summit (where the road is narrow, the slope is steep and the bushes encroach so it probably fell very gently). We caught the shuttle in front of us and it had my bike on the trailer. We also caught the third bus on its way up at the same point. So I got off one bus, got my bike off another bus, and relocated to the third bus for a return to the top.
No matter how closely I have looked at my frame, I can't find so much as a scratch on it. there was a big glom of mud on the right grip end, the back of the stem and the right pedal. I guess those went into the soft dirt (almost mud). The stem was slightly crooked - the benefit of using a torque wrench to tighten the bolts perhaps?
I bought 10 shuttle runs and ended up using only 5, so I have to go back to use them up. That is my story and I'm sticking to it. Actually I enjoyed the Rotorua riding experience very much and would go back on any excuse.