Sunglasses on helmet?

Climbing tends to be a long, slow thing. Especially in proper mountains, where a climb on the road can easily last an hour; and on the dirt it can be three hours.
In BC I find the forest climbs very sweaty. I drip all over my glasses. And they aren’t doing me much good over my eyes. So on the helmet they go.
Just the last couple of weekends I have been climbing all the big road climbs around Canberra, and putting my glasses up on the helmet.

With the Bell Super 2, the visor goes up, the arms of the glasses go straight through the vents, and finally the visor comes down again. It locks the glasses in place. They won’t come out. It is easy and safe.
My road helmet is a Bontrager Oracle. The vents can take sunglasses, but I seem to find a different solution than last time, every time. The one I have been using the past couple of times is a keeper though - set out wide the glasses hover just above my line of sight, are secure, but don’t stab me in the head either.

Ideally one can put the glasses up or down either with one hand, or riding no-hands so as not to have to stop. The Bell helmet makes for easy one-handed operation. The Oracle not so much. But I can once again ride confidently no-handed now that I am temporarily back on shallow rims - so it’s ok there too.

If you’ve never removed your glasses during a climb, give it a try next time you set out on a longer ascent. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t. But I think it is worth trying out…