The Tabata breakthrough

Twenty seconds on.
Ten seconds off.
To failure.

How hard can it be?

The answer is extremely hard.
Harder than I could imagine, in fact.

Every winter I do a Tabata protocol in mid-winter. For the past several winters I haven’t managed to hit the necessary milestone to go up a power increment. This week I’ve done it twice.
One of the reasons is related to cadence. I have been increasing the cadence I use - right up to 145rpm - because for a given load, higher cadence equals less resistance. It just felt easier. But the cadence itself was a problem.
This week I backed the cadence down to just over 100, and I didn’t fatigue quite so quickly.

I had been doing it at 110 rpm before - going up in cadence for a few weeks was a prerequisite to finding the same cadence easier.

It is still incredibly difficult. Just possible.