Is it (only) Trek Australia?

When I was in Canada, my Fox X2 blew up. No damping at all.
I spent nearly 500 bucks to hire a Rocky Mountain Altitude for a week while Fox Canada rebuilt my shock. The Altitude was OK, but not as much fun as my own bike.
My last day at Whistler my front tyre got a big wobble in it. When I took the bike into the local Trek dealer (used to be my local bike shop back when I was at UBC) they said they'd warranty the tyre while they were at it. Trek looked at one photo of my wonky tyre and authorised replacement. The dealer swapped the tyre and added in some Stan's sealant and charged me about $18 for all their trouble. With the Fox warranty, they charged me only for rushing my shock to Fox by courier.
While I was there I told them about my Line XXX. Obviously they didn't see it, but they told me that on the occasions they had a carbon wheel breakage they said they got positive resolution from Trek almost instantly.

Perhaps Trek Australia is the problem?