Dead FOX X2 air shock

The Slash came with a proper DH shock, the X2. It has high and low speed adjusters for compression and rebound and it has more in common with the Öhlins & Cane Creek shocks than any previous Fox model.
So it should have been up to the task of holding up the rear end of my bike for 2 weeks at Whistler. Near the end, it made a sucking noise in “firm” pedal mode. But that was like air in the brakes and it pumped up after 2 bounces once the shock was returned to regular mode. I thought it would slowly get worse and that I could finish out my holiday riding and have it attended to at home - under warranty.

Well, it took about 3 more rides before all the damping was gone.

Now I am hiring a (mediocre) bike to replace my (brilliant) bike while Fox agents in Canada have a look at my shock.