Where did all the people go?

I can remember Veteran Men fields of 40. Master Men fields of 40. Actual Master Women fields.

Sunday was the biggest Veteran field I’ve seen recently. It was 3.
So few women are racing that they abandoned all the age-grade fields and they only race A, B or C.

On the positive side, the junior fields look pretty big. I think there are still people coming through the sport. I just don’t know where all the adults have gone.


Here’s a gratuitous photo from the race. David Blucher is a local photographer who seems to show up to all the CORC rounds and he takes some really nice photos each round. Thanks for that David!

I believe the decline in XC numbers is coincident with the loss of numerous 24 hour races. People seem “over” XC racing. Maybe they’ve all gone to Endure? There were some good turnouts in that area recently.

I don’t understand. Racing is so fun and it forces you to ride better. It is demoralising to work on your fitness and then watch people ride away from you because they are technically better and/or more efficient. Race enough and you can become one of those people.

Get on your bike and go racing. Please…