Fork service intervals 2

In recent weeks I have replaced the seals on 2 of my Fox forks. Both were “long overdue” for service by any reasonable standard.
On my XC race bike, it has been something like 4 years since I last replaced the seals and the oil. I estimate this to be around 200 hours of use.
On my hardtail - my “go to” bike - it has been almost 2 years. I also estimate this to be around 200 hours of use.

In both cases the oil I drained out was still transparent. The oil looked a bit like honey - a golden colour - going in. And it still looked like it coming out. The foam rings are another good indicator of dirt build-up. In the XC bike they were still obviously white. In the hardtail’s case, they were starting to show some dirt, but were fine.

I have overhauled forks for customers that hadn’t been done in who knows how long. And in all those cases the oil that came out was dirty. It is clearly possible to leave it too long.

Across all the MTBs we’ve had in this home, a couple of them came from the factory with insufficient oil inside in the first place. In all cases this resulted in serious damage to the stanchion coating and a warranty CSU. The most important service is probably the first service. Just to make sure all is right inside. And it must be inside the warranty period for it to be of any use.

New Fox forks have a 120 hour service interval. I still think this is a bit short. But they have to err on the safe side and I can’t imagine with the latest seals in place that even the worst conditions could demand a shorter interval.