Ti vs. Al

So you think a hardtail is a hardtail is a hardtail do you.
You’re wrong.

For the past year I have been riding two mountain bikes. One has 5” of travel and 26” wheels. The other is a hardtail with 29” wheels. There is not so much difference between the two as you might expect. I attributed it to the bigger wheels on the hardtail.
Last week I added another 29” hardtail only this one is an aluminium creation. It seemed harsh on first exposure, but that could have been just unfamiliarity. I no longer think so, after spending 2 hours out at Sparrow Hill yesterday and today I feel like someone has had a go at me with a cricket bat. It was bad enough that after an hour my formerly broken finger was hurting - something it has never done before.
Both the Ti and Al bikes have similar dimensions, similar wheels, similar tyres and roughly comparable forks. Both are an absolute blast to ride out at Sparrow Hill. On a good day you need to use your brakes there about every 5 minutes on these bikes. The trails are quite smooth, but there are numerous tree roots and small rocks to roughen it up just enough to remind you why you are on a mountain bike rather than a roadie.
A lap on the Ti bike leaves me wanting to do it again. The lap on the Al bike left me wanting a nap and a massage.
I would love to try one of the few carbon fibre 29ers out there to see what it rides like. Hmmmm n + 1?