Spring is the season for skills?

Not only did I have two full classes for the Viking’s Novice Program, but I’ve picked up some casual (not every weekend, but every few weekends) MTB skills with some teen boys, I’m working on descending skills with some keen women and later this week I have a guy who is nervous about going down hills after a couple of incidents.
I always find it odd that these things come in groupings. For a while I had a lot of skills work, then not so much, and now back to it again. In other periods it was bike fitting that was popular, or fork overhauls.

I really enjoy the skills classes because I can pass on something gleaned from riding my bike almost daily since I was a kid. I never get tired of pushing the pedals, and all those years have taught me a few things.

If you are reading this and you know someone who struggles with one particular aspect of riding, send them to me and probably I can sort them out. Riding should be fun - and that means fun in all aspects, not just some of them. Always remember to smile when you pedal - it is meant to be fun (even if you are suffering).