the NEW SE4 tyre

The 2.35” width SE4 is the original one. It had knobs that were slightly too small to really hold on under load. The new one is 2.4” wide. The knobs are really beefy. It looks a lot like most other aggressive trail tyres (the Maxxis Minion in particular).

The new one has 3 compounds of rubber in the tread - a hard base with a medium in the middle and a soft on the edges (for improved cornering grip). It works. After 2 weeks in Whistler and quite a number of rides at Stromlo before coming here, this tyre grips well.
Even sliding it is predictable and controllable.
Braking is good. Driving traction is good. Cornering is as good as anything I’ve ever ridden on.
Wear seems about similar to other high performance tyres - OK but not brilliant.
It hasn’t burped. It hasn’t punctured. It doesn’t squirm too much on wide rims at lower pressures.

Want a grippy tyre? Try this one!