A full-face helmet as your only helmet?

The Proframe is a highly vented, lightweight Enduro helmet. Yes it is a full-face helmet, but the chin bar is so vented it doesn’t cause oral claustrophobia.
This year I decided to do all my riding in this one. As I write this I’ve spent a day on XC trails that a half-shell would have been fine for. Except I didn’t know what to expect when I went there (never visited before); likely I would have taken my Bell Super 2R with chin bar if I had that here in Canada and then I’d be obliged to ride in a full-face helmet anyway! (Falling on a chin bar strapped to your back seems like a bad idea to me.)

It is light enough and airy enough that I haven’t regretted the decision so far. Which suggests I won’t regret it. I’ve done a couple of big climbs, and aside from taking my goggles off (which I’d also do if I were using goggles with a half-shell) the helmet itself has been great.